Extractions and wisdom teeth

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Sometimes despite our efforts there is no option but to extract a tooth. Scenarios include a tooth that has so much decay that it may be at risk for infection and pain. Other times a baby tooth may be in the path for proper eruption of the adult tooth.

Another time when extraction is usually indicated include wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth usually develop during the teenage years and start erupting around age 17. With a modern diet, there is often not enough space to accommodate wisdom teeth. The dentist, usually with a panoramic x-ray, will determine whether wisdom teeth are impacted and if they should be extracted. Wisdom teeth are indicated for extraction if it is determined that keeping them would put other teeth at risk for decay and gum disease, or cause infection. This may even include wisdom teeth that do not cause pain at the moment. In general, it is better to extract wisdom teeth when younger because wisdom teeth are smaller and healing capacity is improved.

Fully erupted functional wisdom teeth that are cavity and pain free still require yearly checkups to monitor for any changes in the health of the surrounding teeth or gums.

The cost for extracting teeth is variable and ranges from $150 to $460, depending on the circumstances.