Emergency dentistry in Toronto

Dental emergencies can take many forms. Some emergencies are sudden, such as dental trauma, whereas can evolve from smaller symptoms and gradually increase to the point where it is unbearable. As a result, we need to call the dentist. Common emergencies include trauma, toothache, broken teeth, infection, and swelling. We understand that these issues are urgent. Therefore, at St Clair Spadina Dental located in midtown Toronto, we will try to accommodate emergency dentistry in appointments the same day.

At the appointment, the dentist will focus on the area of the emergency. Frequently, X-rays will need to be taken. After that, the dentist will have enough information to diagnose and plan the treatment. This information will be explained clearly and may be even be performed on the same day depending on the circumstances.

The treatment required for dental emergency is varied. It can be as simple as a dental filling or an occlusal adjustment. Other times, root canal treatment or dental extractions may be needed. St Clair Spadina Dental in Midtown Toronto is happy to accommodate dental emergency appointments.

The cost for an emergency appointment at our clinic generally ranges from $126 to $165 and includes an exam by the dentist and an x-ray.

Below are are some common dental emergencies and what you can do (in addition to calling your dentist right away):

Avulsed (knocked out) tooth:

When adult teeth are knocked out, it may be replaced in the socket with the help of the dentist, or even yourself. If the tooth is placed back in the socket within 10 minutes, the root may be able to hold again.

However, if the tooth is dirty, or if it has been out of the mouth for a long period of time, the tooth should be placed in a glass of milk. If you or or loved one has a recently avulsed tooth, don’t hesitate to call St Clair Spadina Dental in Midtown Toronto for an emergency dentistry appointment.

Chipped tooth:

Chipped teeth can be due to a break in the natural tooth, or from a lost filling. The dentist will need to evaluate the depth of the break and the surrounding areas. Chipped teeth can almost always be saved. In general, it is better to try to save the tooth rather than to have it pulled. Click here for tooth saving tips by the American Academy of Endodontists. If you have a chipped tooth, feel free to call the team at St Clair Spadina Dental in Midtown Toronto for an emergency dentistry appointment.